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Bill Richardson Says Internet is Vital to Democracy

Last night, former New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson came to Purdue to talk about the challenges of US Foreign Policy in the 21st Century. He did an overview of many of the conflicts and challenges all around the world. He … Continue reading

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Would The West Wing’s MS Secret Occur in a Social Media World?

In reading the literature for this week’s discussion for Tech 621 on online identity, I am reminded of one of my favorite TV Shows: The West Wing. In season 2 and 3, President Josiah Bartlett has a big PR problem: he … Continue reading

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Tech 621 Final Project Topic Proposal: Congressional Twitter Use

The use of social media and other user-driven content sites have become more popular in politics after the 2008 Presidential campaign of Barack Obama. Since this media campaign, there has been a growing interest in the social sciences to study … Continue reading

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What is it like to Code for Social Media?

Since I’m a political science student in a Tech class, I wonder what it’s like to program some of the utilities of social networking sites and tools. As an undergrad I took some classes on programming when I was attempting … Continue reading

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Is there a Need for Clear Definitions of Social Media for Interdisciplinary Research?

In the first class of TECH621, we attempted to define what a social networking site (SNS) entails. After taking a look at the readings, I feel like no one really has a concrete definition. The definition that Boyd and Ellison … Continue reading

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