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5 Suggestions for New Badges on Foursquare

Since TECH 621, I have become addicted to Foursquare and the apps surrounding it. I’ve been on it for roughly 9 months now, and I wouldn’t mind unlocking more badges. Not to mention, I also appreciate the snarky taglines that … Continue reading

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Tumblr Account of the Moment II: Garfield Minus Garfield

On this edition of the Tumblr Account of the Moment, we’ll take a look at a surreal concept of comics and memes. Jim Davis’ cartoon Garfield has been running for over 30 years. It’s a cartoon that some love, and … Continue reading

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Devo Explains Attention Grabbing in the Internet Age

This week we’ve been reading about intelligence and attention. We are talking about concepts like: is Google making us dumber, and forms of multitasking. As I’ve been reflecting on what I had read, I had a connected yet really distracted … Continue reading

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Fun with Pets!

Dr. V uploaded this video of her cat playing with an iPad app. Now, my classmates are expecting I’m going to analyze this in a political sense, but really I’m not going to. I love dogs, and I know that … Continue reading

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SNL Critiques Internet Culture

Last weekend, SNL had a sketch that was relavent to the TECH 621 discussion on identity this past week. Here’s the sketch on Hulu. As silly as the ending was to this sketch was, I think the larger point is … Continue reading

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What is it like to Code for Social Media?

Since I’m a political science student in a Tech class, I wonder what it’s like to program some of the utilities of social networking sites and tools. As an undergrad I took some classes on programming when I was attempting … Continue reading

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