Blog Curating

As part of the Tech 621, I’m required to post the blog posts I’ve been reading, and the blogs I’ve commented on. Here’s those lists. The most recent are at the top

Blogs I’ve Commented on

“Where Did Service Members Killed in Iraq Come From?” on You Study Politics Right?

“The Hangover, Part 2.” by Tom on Dark Blue Jacket

-“Reflections on Crowdsourcing” by Hanjun Xian on Hanjun’s Blog

-“TECH 621 Course Project- Reviewing Social Media Sites for Academics in Supporting and Encouraging Communication and Collaboration” by Hanjun Xian on Hanjun’s Blog

-“Tech 621 Final Project Proposal.” by Chris Cookley on Thoughts and Observations

-“R.E.M., 1980-2011: Genre-Defining College Rock Band Breaks Up After 31 Years.” on Slicing Up Eyeballs

-“Why the collaboration task over Twitter and other SM tools?” by Pan Jing on 有志青年萨小潘

-“Chicken, Egg, or Barnyard” on GenxRecon ;

-“Is there a Need for Clear Definitions of Social Media for Interdisciplinary Research?” by Mike Brownstein on The Internet Industrial Complex

Interesting Blogs I’ve Read

-“Chicken, Egg, or Barnyard” on GenxRecon ;

-“What he said” by Hemant Mehta on The Friendly Atheist

-“What is a Dumb Politician?” by John Sides on The Monkey Cage

-“Fox News Doctor Explains Toxic Dangers Of Same Sea Foam That Reporter Was Slathered In” by Josh Feldman on Mediaite

-“Suppose They Held a Protest No One Saw” by David S. Meyer on Politics Outdoors

-“Science Explains Why Advice Animals are Popular” by Susana Polo on The Mary Sue

-“Legwand’s Message” by Josh Cooper on Predators Insider


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