Fun with Pets!

Dr. V uploaded this video of her cat playing with an iPad app.

Now, my classmates are expecting I’m going to analyze this in a political sense, but really I’m not going to. I love dogs, and I know that dogs are just as fun (if not more) than cats sometimes. Having both cats and dogs as pets, I do have to say I like dogs a lot more. Even if they need to go outside early in the morning, all they really want is to be your best friend (and you don’t have to earn it).

I mean look at my parents’ dogs:

They’re adorable, and all they want is to be loved. Even better, is that there are apps for dogs too:

So really, all pets are cute and fun. I just prefer dogs over cats. For the record I don’t hate cats.


About Mike Brownstein

I'm a Political Science MA student, and taking Tech 621 at Purdue University
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2 Responses to Fun with Pets!

  1. Mihaela says:

    You know I was kidding about extra credit, right? 🙂

  2. I know, I just knew that I hadn’t written a “humor” post in awhile

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