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Fun with Pets!

Dr. V uploaded this video of her cat playing with an iPad app. Now, my classmates are expecting I’m going to analyze this in a political sense, but really I’m not going to. I love dogs, and I know that … Continue reading

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Facebook Announcements, Political Impact, and Traditional Media

The other day, Moammar Qaddafi was killed, and over the next week or so, NATO will end its operations in Libya. NATO Commander Admiral James Stavridis stated the following on his Facebook Page: An extraordinary 24 hours in Libya. As SACEUR, … Continue reading

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Why I’m Not occupying Wall Street

[X-Post with minor non-consequential edits from Politics and Pucks] In the past few weeks this Occupy Wall Street movement has really picked up some steam. It’s a pretty amazing statement for people to be living on Wall Street and taking … Continue reading

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Internet Calling: Social Science and the Next Frontier

This week’s Tech 621 class is about self-organizing and online protest. It has me thinking, once again about the state of social science research and the Internet. This past spring, the Arab Spring has made it clear that the Internet … Continue reading

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Crowdsourcing Revisited

Last week’s class in Tech 621, was about crowdsourcing and collective work done on social networking sites. Prior to class, I wrote a post about how I felt that this phenomenon occurred outside of the construct of the Internet. After … Continue reading

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Does Crowdsourcing Occur Offline?

This week’s topic in Tech621 is about Crowdsourcing and online participation. As I read I noticed that this concept of crowdsourcing is a tool used by policymakers when making policy. Adopting the concept that people can create the best solutions … Continue reading

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Fun with Four Square: A Review

Over the weekend, I took a trip to Minneapolis, MN. It was a very beautiful place, and somewhere I will definitely return. While I was out there, I was doing a little experiment with a social networking platform called Four … Continue reading

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