The Pink Floyd Social Media Experience

...and the sun is eclipsed by the Nyan.

Nyan cat is "keeping the lunars on their path"

Today I found a really neat musical experience that is occurring on social media. Pink Floyd next week will be re-releasing much of their discography on a large box-set. To celebrate and hype the release, the 1974 Wembeley performance in London of Dark Side of the Moon will be played every hour until Wednesday on YouTube. The experience has been entitled “The Greatest Gig in the Sky”, a play on words of one of the tracks on the album. While the video is playing, fans from around the world can take part and communicate with each other on Facebook and Twitter. The feed is even located on the YouTube page itself.

What makes this even more interesting is that Dark Side of the Moon usually indicates the current trends in music. It is one of the most sold albums of all time, and always listed among the best in rock music history. Charles Arthur of the Guardian observes that when this album becomes popular again, that there is a new audio platform that is becoming popular. Similarly when it comes to video mediums, when porn producers pick a video format, everyone else tends to follow suit. What I think we may be observing here is that socially shared music is a popular trend in music, if not listening to music via YouTube.

If you have an hour between now and then, I highly recommend it. Pink Floyd has been one of the most influential bands in the history of rock music, and this experience is one of the major reasons why.


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2 Responses to The Pink Floyd Social Media Experience

  1. Mihaela says:

    I still hope I will find time to watch it. I really wish I’d been born early enough and in a part of the world where I could have attended a live Pink Floyd concert.

    How did social media participation enhance (or not) the experience for you?

  2. I think it enhanced the fact that I wasn’t watching this video alone. Also there were points in the video where Tweets were added or even the locations of where people were watching by continent. Even if I was lurking, I felt like this experience was a shared one.

    I also wish I was born early enough to attend a Pink Floyd concert. I went to a tribute band (Pink Droyd) concert last winter and if that is just a tribute to the band, I can only imagine what Pink Floyd would do on stage. They’re back in town Oct. 7 at Lafayette Theater, and I highly recommend it!

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