Collaborating with Twitter

Last week in Tech 621 we were assigned a project where we were required to collaborate over Twitter to give a presentation about the uses and adaption of social media and social networking sites.

What Happened

At the end of class last week, Dr. V suggested that we set up Delicious accounts. This was a great suggestion, because we could tag our links for the project in a constructive manner. We used the tags “Presentation” and “Tech621”, and we were generally able to find each other’s work. Also, we used GoogleDocs to finish everything and put a final slideshow together.

The Positives

For those who were not comfortable with Twitter, they were definitely pushed to outside of their comfort zone and now are a bit more comfortable with the medium. Also, most messages that were hash-tagged were easy to find. We were also exposed to Delicious which has been useful to find research material for the class.

The Negatives

I think Twitter is not useful for relaying complicated ideas that require maybe 300 characters. The whole discussion devlolved into using other social mediums to finish the project. Twitter alone, seems to be very difficult to use for collaboration. It needs to be intertwined with other social networks and media. Maybe why it is so valuable as a bridging network.

Overall, it was a great experience that I think taught us that using only one social media outlet or social networking site, can be a benefit due to occasional limitations.


About Mike Brownstein

I'm a Political Science MA student, and taking Tech 621 at Purdue University
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2 Responses to Collaborating with Twitter

  1. Mihaela says:

    “I think Twitter is not useful for relaying complicated ideas that require maybe 300 characters.” You’re funny!

    Thank you for posting your impressions.

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