20 Social Media Sites and Tools

The assignment for tonight’s class is to come up with 20 social networking sites:

1. GetGlue– A Social Networking Site for TV fans
2. ShareMyPlaylists– Social Networking through playlists
3. Givvy– A Social gifting website
4. Instagram– Photo Sharing for mobile devices.
5. TwentyFeet– Social Media stats
6. VoterMap– Android App that allows social networking with comments about US Elections.
7. Fark– Aggregated news
8. Storify– Story telling with Twitter
9. Daily Motion– Social video website
10. Ning– A social network creator
11. Patients Like Me– Social networking for health information
12. OUTEverywhere– GLBT Community Social Networking
13. Couch Surfing– Website that encourages people to host travelers on their couch.
14. My Hockey Buzz– Blogging social site for hockey fans. As an aside, a lot of die-hard fans are very disdainful towards this site.
15. Jewster– Jewish version of Friendster
16. Muslim Social– Muslim social networking website
17. Red Blue America– political blogging website.
18. Gowalla– Similar to Four-square
19. Boomj– Baby Boomer social networking.
20. Eon– Baby Boomer social networking.


About Mike Brownstein

I'm a Political Science MA student, and taking Tech 621 at Purdue University
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One Response to 20 Social Media Sites and Tools

  1. Mihaela says:

    Just making sure: 20 social media sites that you did not know about until now… Is this true about your list?

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