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Would The West Wing’s MS Secret Occur in a Social Media World?

In reading the literature for this week’s discussion for Tech 621 on online identity, I am reminded of one of my favorite TV Shows: The West Wing. In season 2 and 3, President Josiah Bartlett has a big PR problem: he … Continue reading

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Tech 621 Final Project Topic Proposal: Congressional Twitter Use

The use of social media and other user-driven content sites have become more popular in politics after the 2008 Presidential campaign of Barack Obama. Since this media campaign, there has been a growing interest in the social sciences to study … Continue reading

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The Pink Floyd Social Media Experience

Today I found a really neat musical experience that is occurring on social media. Pink Floyd next week will be re-releasing much of their discography on a large box-set. To celebrate and hype the release, the 1974 Wembeley performance in … Continue reading

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Internet Culture Live!

Thursday in TECH 621, we presented about Internet culture. It was a very fun class, and really was insightful as to how social media is really used among the masses. We talked about the culture of 4-Chan and how influential … Continue reading

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NodeXL and SNA with Marc A. Smith at Purdue

Yesterday, Xin Chen and I attended a talk put on by the Brian Lamb Communications Department at Purdue about Social Network Analysis. The speaker was Marc A. Smith, a UCLA PhD in Sociology. THE TALK He worked with Microsoft for a … Continue reading

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The Google Overlords Let Us Hangout

The other night in preparation for the Tech 621 class presentation on Internet Culture tomorrow night, we decided to have a Google Hangout. As someone who has been on Google+ since the first week it was around, I had never … Continue reading

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5 Ways to Find Interesting Blogs and Twitter Users

Nearly 3 years ago, my close friend Phil and I went to a bar to watch Sarah Palin deliver an address to the Republican Convention upon her nomination as the Vice Presidential candidate for John McCain. I was not very … Continue reading

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